Realty Capital Management LLC

3102 Kirby Whitten Rd
Bartlett, TN 38134



As Founder and President of Realty Capital Management, Mike is responsible  for the strategic planning and growth of the company. He is always focused on integrity, accountability and hard work. Mike is an experienced entrepreneur, savvy investor and passionate property manager that understands investors  needs and wants because he currently owns a portfolio of residential and commercial properties himself. Being born and raised in the city of Memphis,  Mike is very thankful that investors worldwide have placed their trust and money  into our growing city.

MikeĆ¢??s vision is to continue to grow Realty Capital Management as a full-service real estate and property management company. Our commitment is to expand our foundation of trust and partnership with our investors and  residents through stellar customer service and constant communication.  


Thank you for visiting our website at Realty Capital Management. We welcome the opportunity to building a long lasting business partnership with you.
Thank you,
Mike Simpson, President